7 Benefits Of Hiring a B2B Copywriter

Alaina Bradenburger
Published: Oct 20, 2023
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Whether you're trying to put a small business on the map or you want to grow a large business, you may need a B2B copywriter. B2B companies have different marketing needs than those selling to consumers. A professional B2B copywriter has the experience and skills necessary to take your marketing efforts to the next level, saving you time in the process. If you’re on the fence about taking that step, consider how B2B writing can help your business grow.

What Is a B2B Copywriter? 

A B2B copywriter is a writer specializing in creating B2B content. Business-to-consumer copywriters have the skills to create marketing copy geared toward a commercial audience. These writers understand how to create content that appeals to customers on a visceral level, urging them to buy your products or services. 

A B2B writer applies these skills to writing for a business audience. Rather than appealing to a customer’s needs and pain points, they make a case for your business and how it can solve another organization's key issues. Business-to-business copywriting appeals less to emotions and more to helping clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

7 Benefits of Hiring B2B Copywriters

A great copywriter can help you execute your B2B content strategy, allowing you to generate new leads and make more sales. These professionals can also benefit your company in other ways.

1. Establish Authority Through E-E-A-T Content

To connect with more leads, you need to appear in search results. Roughly 76% of a business’s web traffic comes through a combination of organic and paid searches. Google’s algorithm uses the following criteria to determine if a website is relevant to a search query: 

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trust

Experience is one of the new criteria, meaning Google ranks sites higher when the algorithm can detect first-hand experience. If you’ve been in your industry a long time but have trouble boiling down complex topics for the average reader, executive ghostwriting B2B services can help you develop authoritative content that resonates with your customers. 

A B2B copywriter can write blog posts, white papers, and other valuable content that helps increase your search engine visibility. Because these writers understand how to connect with a business audience, they can create informative and engaging pieces to keep people on your page. Each piece of content can increase your chances of being linked by other writers, which also boosts your authority. 

2. Create Relatable Content for Your Specific B2B Audience

Effective B2B copy focuses on a potential customer’s pain points and offers solutions that resonate. Content for your B2B buyer personas will likely vary based on what you do. For example, if you own a software-as-a-service company specializing in accounting, your target audience might be a small-to-midsized business owner who wants to automate the accounting process and collect payments in a timelier fashion.

However, if you specialize in designing medical devices, your B2B customer persona would likely consist of physicians, registered nurses, or other specialized medical practitioners. Both sets of customers would care about how your product addresses their pain points, but these pain points would be different. An experienced B2B copywriter would understand how to tailor content to these highly targeted audiences. 

B2B copywriters may specialize in a certain niche, or they might offer services for a broad range of industries. Depending on how technical you want your content to be, you may seek out a B2B SaaS copywriter or a B2B copywriter with experience in the medical field. 

3. Incorporate an Expert’s Optics into your Business’s Content

Hiring a B2B copywriter won’t dilute your company’s content; it'll enhance it. You can tap into your best experts and their knowledge without having them sit down and write piles of content. A B2B ghostwriter can work with the experts on your executive team to brainstorm topics and create high-quality content for your potential customers. 

Having industry experts writing your content or offering significant contributions increases your credibility with your audience. Combined with great B2B storytelling, this expertise can help you seem more authoritative and trustworthy, which is good for customer retention. Since B2B copywriters are also experienced researchers, they can round out your subject matter experts’ experience with statistics and other expert opinions. 

4. Increase Sales With Copy That Is Optimized for Conversions

Moving beyond long-form content, a B2B copywriter can help your business make the most of its ad campaigns. If you’re targeting potential customers on LinkedIn or other social media platforms or creating pay-per-click ads for search engines, B2B marketing copywriting can help you convert.

In B2B marketing, not all the standard rules of copywriting apply. While you still want to use action-oriented language, you would appeal to practicality more than emotions. B2B copy is all about addressing your target audience’s main concerns and writing a compelling argument for why your business offers the best solution. 

Your freelance B2B copywriter can highlight your company’s unique value in an interesting way that motivates potential customers to click on the ad or book a demo. 

5. Generate Easy-To-Digest Content Even Around Complex Topics

When you spend a lot of time in an industry, it becomes second nature. Concepts that now seem obvious to you may not be to your target audience. Working with someone who specializes in B2B content writing services helps you identify where your content may be too technical. Your B2B writer can distill the information into simpler terms for people making the buying decisions.

Effective content is educational and offers something of value to your prospects. By distilling complex information down into easily digestible and engaging content, you can better educate your audience and provide them greater value. Check out these B2B content marketing examples for an idea of how it works. 

6. Spend Less Time Editing by Leaning on Your Writer’s Expertise

B2B freelance copywriters not only understand how to engage your target audience, but they also have a solid grasp of language. If you’re tackling all your business content on your own, you may find yourself spending hours editing a piece not knowing what to strike or how to improve it. 

A freelance B2B copywriter saves you from making these edits. You also get the added benefit of distance. When you’ve written your own content, you may be too attached to the piece to read and edit it objectively.

With a freelance writer, you don’t have to read a piece of content until the first draft, allowing you to see it with fresh eyes. You will likely find it easier to edit how the piece flows. You may even have a better idea of what to keep in the piece and what to remove. 

7. Provide Sales Reps With Resources To Close Sales

B2B copywriting services allow your sales team to be more effective. When marketing to business clients, you need various content for buyers at various stages of decision-making. You might rely on social media posts and pay-per-click ads to draw people into your sales pipeline. 

Once they're in your funnel, you need more compelling content to make your case. A copywriter can create case studies, customer experience testimonials, and white papers that your sales team can use to close the deal. 

Your sales team can use these real-world examples to offer tangible proof to a potential customer and answer their objections with actual data. B2B content also gives your sales team a detailed understanding of their prospects that they can use to craft an effective sales pitch. 

Common Types of B2B Content

When crafting your B2B content strategy, you likely focus on these common types of content: 

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Videos 
  • Podcasts

Your B2B copy may also include content to generate awareness including social media posts and other digital advertising. Depending on your needs, you might be interested in hiring a specialist such as a B2B content writer or a B2B email copywriter. Check out this B2B copywriting guide to evaluate your needs. 

Look through your B2B content strategy and see which B2B marketing channels generate most of your leads, particularly if you’re on a budget. You may want to hire a writer offering marketing to B2B experience with your most successful forms of content.  

B2B Copywriter Skills To Look For

If you’re interested in hiring a B2B copywriter, look for someone who understands B2B copy. You may choose to stick with writers who are familiar with your niche, particularly if it’s highly technical. 

If you branch out, look for a B2B copywriter with excellent communication skills who is eager to learn. B2B copywriting involves a lot of research. You need to find someone who is capable of learning new topics quickly.

A good B2B copywriter will have innate storytelling abilities. They will know how to apply their research and turn it into informative content people want to read, watch, or listen to. 

Look for a copywriter with great communication skills to clearly convey your ideas to your target audience. Good communication skills also help during strategy sessions. Your B2B content writer should feel comfortable asking you to clarify parts of the assignment they don’t understand. 

Interview Questions To Identify High-Quality B2B Writers

When you’ve found someone who looks good on paper, it’s time to meet them to assess their copywriting skills and see if they’re a good fit. Ask these common interview questions to get a sense of their experience and their personality. 

How Comfortable Are You Writing in Different Brand Voices? 

Because your B2B copywriter will be responsible for nailing your brand voice, you want someone who is adaptable and able to tailor their own writing style to your brand. 

What Is Your Experience With B2B Copywriting?

Ask this question to get a sense of what the writer considers to be their best work. You likely asked for B2B writing samples or a portfolio, but this question will enable you to assess the writer’s flexibility. 

What Industries Do You Specialize In? 

If you’re in a highly technical business, such as SaaS or IT, you want writers with experience in your industry. In this field, you may want a B2B technology copywriter who is familiar with coding and other complex terminology. 

This question will allow you to assess the writer’s unique knowledge and skill set to determine if it’s a good fit for your business. 

How Do You Create a Solid Piece of Copy? 

When looking for a copywriter, it’s important to understand their process. You can also use this question for insights into the writer’s ability to research and distill information.

Can You Tell Me About a Time You Missed a Deadline?

Ideally, you want to work with copywriters who meet their deadlines 100% of the time. But people fail on occasion, and they might miss a deadline.

How a candidate answers this question can give you insight into their accountability. If they deflect or fail to take accountability for missing a deadline, you might not want to work with them. If they admit their mistake and offer solutions for avoiding these situations in the future, they might be a good fit for you.

How Do You Keep Your Writing Skills Fresh? 

As business evolves, B2B copywriters need to learn new strategies to keep up. Asking this question will help you find a writer who is dedicated to keeping their skills sharp. It will also give you a sense of their willingness to learn new topics. 

If you’re positioning your company as an innovative thought leader, you want someone who's also at the forefront of their industry. 

Average Cost for B2B Writers

B2B copywriter salaries vary based on their experience and pricing structure. They can charge per project, per hour, or per word. If you were to hire an agency, you could expect to pay an average of $150 to 250 per hour. Ad copywriting generally ranges from $250 to $750 per project. Of course, you have different hiring options. If you don't want to bring on a full-time B2B copywriter, consider hiring a part-time writer or work with freelancers on an as-needed basis. 

Simplify the Hiring Process With B2B Contract Writing Services

If want to execute an effective content marketing strategy, but you’re pressed for time, let Compose.ly handle the interviewing and vetting process for you. We'll pair you with a B2B contract writer with the right skills for your B2B copywriting needs. Alternatively, our managed B2B writing services start at $700 a month, but if you have a large volume of content you want written, it'll cost you more.  Whether you’re looking for a B2B technical writer or you need someone to make your white papers stand out, we have someone who specializes in the B2B content writing services you need. 

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