How AI Content Creation May Change the Way We Write

Alaina Bradenburger
Published: Aug 07, 2023
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Since its latest release in late 2022, Chat GPT, one of the most well-known AI content creation tools, has made waves in the business world. This software runs on artificial intelligence and has the ability to learn to replicate complex human language.

The software promises to revolutionize the content creation process. However, business owners, teachers, and leaders in other areas need to keep up with AI content creation to fully understand its impact as a collaboration tool. Here, we offer a breakdown of AI content creation and how it may guide marketers in the future.

What is AI Content Creation?

AI content creation doesn’t just refer to Chat GPT. It involves using any technology powered by artificial intelligence to create written or visual content. You use text to create prompts that drive the tool to make a picture, write a piece of long-form content, or more. Get a more in-depth assessment of AI content generators in our downloadable guide.

The Concept of AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content is appealing since it can potentially save you time. Instead of sitting down and writing various types of content, you can simply enter a topic, keywords, and the text format, be it a long-form article or a quick social media post.

How AI Algorithms and Models Generate Written Content

Content tools that use AI work through machine learning. As you use the program more often, it combs existing data to learn natural language styles and generate similar text. When you enter topics, keywords, and formats into the program, it starts to recognize patterns from training data and uses these examples to create your text.

Benefits and Limitations of AI Content Creation

AI tools for business are revolutionizing multiple industries. The manufacturing sector is already using these tools to automate workflows and make the supply chain more efficient. As AI content generators continue to evolve, they have the potential to bring similar benefits. However, these tools also come with a unique set of challenges.

Advantages of Using AI for Content Creation

One of the biggest advantages of AI is its scalability. AI tools shorten the content creation process since a computer can generate content much faster than human writers. It also offers these benefits:

  • Ability to produce high volumes of blog content: Instead of spending hours a week on long-form content, an AI program can write it in minutes.
  • Quality: Once an AI program learns how to write in a language, it can do so without grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Can work round-the-clock: Your AI-based writing tools do not need a vacation, nor will they get sick.  
  • Savings: These tools may save money on content production
  • Content that is already optimized for SEO: AI learns from existing content, so it can create content with enhanced keyword placement.

Use our downloadable guide for an in-depth breakdown of AI’s benefits.

Potential Limitations and Challenges of AI-Generated Content

With these benefits, AI does have its limitations. First, AI programs tend to plagiarize content. When human writers compile research for a blog post or an article, they have the ability to synthesize information into a unique perspective. When they directly refer to someone else’s work, they add a citation or a backlink and give credit to the source.

AI does not. It scours the internet for existing content and may pull word-for-word from sources.

Additional challenges include:

  • Google devaluation: Google and other search engines rank content using specific criteria, and AI-generated content may not fit even if the piece is optimized for SEO.
  • Potential misinformation: AI tools do not fact-check information, they just compile it.
  • Lack of authority: Artificial intelligence writing cannot replicate real experience. AI can offer facts and information but not skills and insights that add value to your content.
  • Lack of customization: AI is good, but not enough to replicate your brand’s tone and voice. You may still need to revise content to fit your style.

Impacts of AI Content Creation on Writing

As a business owner, you may be thrilled about the idea of having a machine take over content creation. However, if you have human writers on staff or if you work with freelance writers, they may be wondering how these tools will impact their roles. Let’s explore some potential ways in which AI might impact content creators.

Content Automation With AI

Automation is one of the best potential uses of artificial intelligence. Human writers are creative and know how to create high-quality content, but they may use past experience to try and guess what topics will resonate with a target audience.

With AI, you can analyze much more data than you would be able to on your own. Use it to find valuable insights into your target audience. Once you’ve landed on some key topics, have AI create article outlines so you’re not starting each new piece from scratch.

AI also gives you the ability to repurpose old content and turn it into something new, saving you from having to find new spins on multiple topics.

Content Quality With Accuracy With AI

Even if you’re comfortable turning the bulk of your content writing over to an AI-based content generator, you need to monitor quality. High-quality content that is authoritative and relevant gets higher visibility in search engines regardless of who wrote it.

As discussed, AI-generated content isn’t always accurate. Your chatbot may be embellishing statistics based on your prompts and keywords. If you are using AI to create content, make sure you or someone on your team fact-checks each piece, or use a different platform to proofread each piece.

Look over all AI-generated content to make sure information is properly credited and cited. Double-check any statistics to see if they are rooted in an actual source.

AI tools are also great for your business if you work with clients in multiple countries. Since you can teach these tools to write in different languages, you can take some of your stronger pieces and translate them for different customer bases.

AI content research tools can also search other languages. You may find that what is popular for target audiences in one country is not as important to others. With AI, these insights become more apparent, and you can tailor content to their needs. However, when you are writing content in a non-native language, hand it off to a native speaker before posting to validate its accuracy.

AI as a Content Assistant and Collaborator

Although AI can seem intimidating to people in creative roles, it’s actually a helpful tool. People can work closely with machines to collaborate on various types of content and improve the overall user experience with a brand.

Use AI Tools for Content Research and Topic Suggestions

An AI-based content generator scours the web and comes up with new content ideas when prompted. You can also prompt these tools to research competitors in the market to determine which topics are worth exploring. Instead of racking your brain trying to come up with clever topics for newsletters, blogs, emails, and more, let AI pick the best topics for you.

Your AI content generator will look through social media content, blog posts, and other materials from both you and your competitors to find keywords and analyze how your audience interacts with them.

Leverage AI for Content Ideas and Brainstorming

Once you start using AI to research and choose your topic ideas, it's time to refine them. AI may give you a list of popular topics based on social media engagement and other media trends, but it won’t stop there. With the right prompts, you can use it to analyze older content or other, less trafficked sources of inspiration.

You may see that AI has guided you toward topics you may not have considered before. You might also find yourself coming up with multiple new ideas and angles on various topics suggested by your AI tool.

Content research tools drum up ideas whenever you need them. And once you have the idea, you can add your own creativity and expertise, revise the tone of voice, and add interesting details that make a simple piece of content more valuable to your readers.

The Future of Writing With AI

As with other industries, AI is not likely to replace the human component of creative fields including writing. However, over time, human writers will need to learn new skills to develop a collaborative relationship with AI tools.

AI’s Influence on Writing Careers and the Freelance Market

As AI tools including Chat GPT have gotten smarter, many businesses have become interested in what they can do. For freelancers, this can be scary, because it seems like you’re being replaced by a robot. However, it’s more likely that freelancers will have to adapt their skill sets to tackle new challenges that come with artificial intelligence writers.

As a freelance writer, you will likely learn to create prompts that help you generate outlines or rough drafts of articles, social media posts, and other types of content. You will also need to become more skilled at research and fact-checking so you know which parts of an AI outline to drop from a final piece and which to investigate further on your own.  

Sure, some business owners will be attracted by the high volume of work AI generates at such a low cost. However, these businesses will miss out on the quality and richness offered by human writers. Google and other search engines have spam policies designed to keep people from gaming search engine rankings. Unless a business owner is highly adept at training the AI content creation tools to produce accurate stories, they probably won’t be able to boost their rankings with just AI.

AI may end up replacing human writers for business owners who don’t understand the value of thoughtful, intelligent content. But, these clients will likely have to work harder to beat out competitors that use quality human writers to connect with their audience and achieve higher Google rankings.

Ethical Considerations in AI Content Creation

You may think that using AI to create content is unethical. After all, it is highly likely that an AI tool will plagiarize some of its content without proper citations. As a business owner, you may be concerned that your freelancers are taking your money and then using AI to do their work. Both of these practices are unethical.

AI also poses ethical issues in scientific and research-based writing. Writing prompts to inform a research study could introduce bias and skewed results. For writing projects that require a high degree of accuracy, it’s best to rely on a skilled human writer with the right experience. As advanced as they are, AI writing tools cannot replicate personal observations in a scientific study.

However, using AI to create content doesn’t have to be unethical. If you’re a freelance writer who uses AI to help drum up topics, create outlines, and provide preliminary research, be upfront with your clients about it. Don’t try to pass off an AI-generated piece as your own and collect payment for it. Instead, use AI as a starting point.

Balance AI Content With Human Intervention and Expertise

Instead of seeing AI content creation as an obstacle, freelance writers can benefit from these tools. As a writer, you can compile data more quickly than you could before with countless internet searches. You can use these tools to beat writer’s block and have a steady stream of topics instead.

As a business owner, you may think that AI is a great way to publish ample content without spending a lot of money. But AI cannot replace great storytelling. It can’t replicate your brand voice and tone or add those human touches that resonate with your audience.

What AI can do is provide you with a better read on your target audience. Then you or your freelance writers can take over to create powerful content that communicates your experience and unique perspective. works with the best freelance writers who understand how to work with AI instead of using it to replace their work. Our team of freelance writers will help you create blog posts and other types of content that speak to your audience on a personal level.

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